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Testimonials from Parents

Bhuni M/o Nimae Grade 5

I'm very pleased with my son's progress, he is been there for a short time but he enjoys going to Infinite Mindz. Great Job!! Keep up the good work.

Ughandra F/o Shanmukh Grade 6

Infinite Mindz is a great place to boost up the child's mathematical skills. Potential Increase in enthusiasm to learn math is seen in my son in last couple of weeks. Good place, great ambience and friendly environment. Particularly, Sheetal madam is very much committed. Even we are showing interest to learn more math along with our children. How to approach math is being taught very well. Even though it is far from home, my son Shanmukh is quite excited to come to class every week. Thanks Infinite Mindz

Vinitha M/o Neil Grade 9

Infinite Mindz has been great support for my son Neil's mathematical ability. He has understood the basic concept very well. The subject math which he never liked before has now become one of the subject he shows interest. Thank you Infinite Mindz for guiding. Keep up your Good Work.

Anipriya M/o Anupam Grade 4

Anupam has shown marked improvements in his mathematical skills and over all understanding of concepts. I am really impressed by the commitment and individual attention provided by the teachers. The practice worksheets are very useful in reinforcing the topics and encourages the child to think differently. I thank the teachers of Infinite Mindz for their excellent work. Keep up the good work.

Testimonials from Students

Neil (Grade 9)

These 25 days were probably the most well spent month of summer holidays I've used. These 25 days were extremely essential for me because my amazingly skilled teacher had built my math foundation of grade 6, 7, 8 in a record breaking time of 25 days! Prema ma'am was the best teacher anyone could ask for because not matter how many times you go wrong with a million doubts, she always manages to clear them. Even though she gets mad at you at times it is important or you would end up taking things as a joke. So here's to a teacher that has built a road for me to become a "Maths Mastermind".

Shrusti (Grade 8)

I really liked the way they teach here. Its much easier to understand the concept because the teachers here teach well. Iím finding math's much simpler after coming here. I feel that from now on I will become an expert at math's !. I would love to recommend it to everyone who struggles at. I really wish they teach this way at school !!

Abhinav (Grade 3)

Infinite Mindz is awesome and I Love this place. I am learning new things here. When I first joined I thought it was going to be a boring tuition like any but on my first day had fun even now. And two more things I like Infinite Mindz is they raise the bar of Knowledge in you brain and have mind blowing experiments and I love all the teachers here. I Love the Library and everything else.

Maanya (Grade6)

My experience at Infinite Mindz was awesome !! I got to learn lots of new things from my teachers. My teachers Prema and Sheetal ma'am made maths so simpler and taught me many tricks. Prema ma'am also taught me science. Science Workshop was amazing. I Learnt many new topics and lots of experiments. Today I'm going back with a bag full of knowledge, experiments, tricks, tips and an upgraded mind from 0.01 to 19999.09 from here.